UFO – Flying Saucers spotted in Web Space

April 18, 2009

Flying saucers have always captured the imagination of the people. Scientists, farmers, industrialialists, factory workers, housewives, Hollywood, children, Tintin, CNBC, etc., etc., it has spared none. The phenomenon remained buzz for a long time during World Wars, when dozens of people claimed to have seen UFO or flying saucers in the sky.

Courtesy: alien-ufo-research.com

Courtesy: alien-ufo-research.com

The actual term, Unidentified Flying Object was coined in 1952 and before that they were popularly known as flying saucers. For years scientists had been baffled to solve the mystery. A large number of people believe that UFOs are alien spacecrafts and provide evidential proof of extra terrestrial life.

Scientists, especially astrophysicists do not ignore the fact that extra terrestrial life is possible. Space studies have further revealed that a vast number of galaxies do exist and many of them have evolved in a similar way as our Milky Way. Coming down to Solar System, which in fact is a miniscule of the Milky Way, there has been some proof of life forms existing on the moon.

So this is how the story evolves and why UFO continue to remain alive. All living forms are composed of some important elements, which in certain given conditions and time changed their properties to result in crude life forms. What scientists refer to “Monerans” are infact the simplest living forms. Provided you consider Darwin’s theory as valid, the life on Earth has evolved due to the evolution of these simple living organisms. Star studies further reveal that the elements found on Earth are also present on various stars and space objects.

That is just science, reason and philosophy. Now let us see it from a different angle. UFOs, flying saucers, aliens; have their strong presence in the imagination. Whether they have physical existence or not, is not the question. They are in our imagination and it is probable that they exist. As some psychologists believe and social scientists believe, they are important as they give us an insight of our own position and role in the system, which is the universe.  Writers have envisioned space encounters in their mind and that is how people get to read stories and watch movies.

There will perhaps come a time when scientists will be able to make UFOs. It is like an ideal, Max Weber talks about, something that gives us a reference point to measure the advancement of our own civilization.