Google Chrome ! What, No Toolbar?

April 16, 2009

Towards the end of the year 2008, Google released a stable version of its web browser Google Chrome or just Chrome. Officially a beta version, Chrome is gaining popularity among the users. The browser was released to run on Windows XP and is still being developed. So what the buzz about it?


Google Chrome

The buzz is that computer geeks have been expecting much more than what Chrome offers. The most dissatisfied are web developers who cannot integrate their tools with the browser. “No toolbar”, who said that? A lot of people need development tools and toolbars for quick analysis of the websites and to access the functionalities. Unfortunately, there is no toolbar option for the Chrome.

But don’t worry folks, Chrome has got some good features as well. The browser window displays thumbnails of the previously visited websites, search engines, bookmarks and closed tabs. The tabs are nicely arranged at the top and can be repositioned by just dragging them along. The drag can be pulled out to a new window.

One of the worst things to happen while browsing is the system or application halt. It mostly happens when a large number of tabs and browser windows are actively using system resources. The best way to deal with it is open the task manager and close the processes that consume large memory. Google chrome has this functionality provided. All you need to do is right click on the tab window at the top and select the task manager.

Another functionality, very useful for the users who do not want their web secrets to leak, is the incognito window. With other browsers you need to delete the history, temp files and cookies. But with Google Chrome all you need to do select a new incognito window. Nothing will be stored in the incognito widow, which means you can just sneak around without bothering too much.

Chrome also provides a functionality to import bookmark from other browsers. However many people have complained about the effective transfer of the bookmarks. Chrome also has a simple file download solution. All you have to do is click the download button and the file downloading option will show in the lower left hand corner of the browser window.