Ray Allen beats Ben Gorden’s Team

April 21, 2009

Boston Celtics are on a cruise mission with topgun Ray Allen making all the difference. On Monday, the battle was fierce with firepower Ben Gordon, supporting the midriff of Chicago Bulls. On the night Allen scored a 3-pointer, with only two seconds left for the game to finish. That was close, awesome. Allen, however, scored 28 of his 30 points in the second half only.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen

The game was played at TD Banknorth Garden, in which the defending champions defeated Chicago Bulls by 118-115 win. Fans blew trumpets as Ben Gordon’s team  plumetted to defeat.

Ben Gordon played extremely well, winning 42 points for the team, but couldn’t save the Bulls on the night.   The scores are now 1-1 with a tie-up and that gives Boston Celtics a wonderful opportunity of playing on their own turf.   Glen Davis, who substituted Kevin Garnet scored 26 points. Celtics scores were further apprized by Rajon Rondo who brought home 19 points.

In San Antionio, Dallas Mavericks had a real bad time with The Spurs defeating the former by 105-84 winning performance.  Tony Parker was great with the assists and scored 38 points.

Mellisa Mikkelsen and Ryan Sheckler get cheesy

April 20, 2009

Woops! The lines of MTV star, Ryan Allen Sheckler, and Melissa Mikkelsen are intersecting more often, at least the pictures published on the web say so. Melissa Mikkelsen is a hottie and we do know her for campaigns and promotions of cars and motorcycles. Certainly, Life of Ryan, has a new twist, if not the popular reality TV show.

The third season of “Life of Ryan” seems to get more explosive with Mikkelsen on the scene. Earlier, the production stopped after shooting 6 episodes. The show is expected to be released on 21 April, with the buzz about the duo already in the town.

The 22 year old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, blonde is sure to grab the nerves of younger audience. Her ads are revealing, forthcoming to put in a better way, and we are sure that there are few highlights which fans might have missed.

So, what is the third season gonna be like? Hot and sizzling, may be. The duo has already made it to the Fourth Channel of democracy, the Youtube. In the second season, the divorce of Ryan’s parents and the desire to buy a house has already put a lot of strain on poor Ryan. Therefore, as a consequence, he might hit upon a bump and head for the beach. After all life is not just about the sports, fun is damn important. It will also give Melissa an opportunity to work upon her tan, forget the bikinis fr that is like a cliché for the hot model.

Folks, that is what life is about, in this post technocratic world. You are into sports, a TV star and you get lucky with gals as well. Forget the buzz, if you wanna really have it as in “HAVE IT” be a sport.