Baby Mammoth on TV

April 21, 2009

I the torthwest of Sibera lies a forlorn district called Yemel Peninsula. In October 2007, scientists discovered the remains of a baby mammoth, Lyuba. The baby mamoth was actually discovered by a herdsman, Yuri Khudi. Th ebaby mammoth has been named after Yuri Kudi’s wife’s name, Lyuba, meaning love in Russian.

Lyuba, the baby mammoth, who was just a month or so old when she died, has caught the attention worldwide as NatGeo prepares to broadcast a premier show of hers. The baby died under mysterious circumstances, some 40,000 years ago. Scientists have been investigating the circumstances that led to her sad end.

There have been speculations that the discovery of Lyuba will unfold many of the mysteries, including the factors that led to the extinction of this species thousands of years ago. This will be kind of a straight trip to ICE AGE. The narration for the premier is provided by famous actor, Victor Garber.The programme will be telecasted on April 26 on National Geographic Channel.

That is not what people are really interested in. The truth is that people share some kind of emotional bond with this prehistoric specie that has been so lucidly described in the animation movies Ice Age. The woolly mammoth with long tusks have been characterized in a number of works, books, movies, telltales, etc. It is time that we find out what the creatures were actually like.

Also, some people believe that the DNA mapping and extract can help in bringing back this specie, whether it is possible at this time, we are not quite sure of. Lyuba may further be a new character in the animation sequels, Ice Age, in which the animal has a lead role. So far so good, let us see what the buzz can do about it.