Call for Bandh in Tamil Nadu

April 22, 2009

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Indian state, has called for a bandh (observe a general strike) tomorrow, as a protest against repressive measures adopted by Sri Lankan authorities. CM Karunanidhi has been severely criticised for speaking in support of the dreaded terrorist organisation, LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam).

Karuninidhi issued a notice to the Central Government of India to put pressure on the Lankan government for calling a permenant ceasefire. It might be worth mentioning that LTTE is the same outfit that was found responsible for the assisination plot that led to the surmise of former PM, Rajiv Gandhi.

As per official figures more than 30,000 civilians are still trapped in the war zone and the Lankan government has given a deadline for LTTE supremo Prabhakaran. The violence in the nation has already led to great loss of life and property.

LTTE was founded some 32 years ago in 1976 and has been engaged in  one of the longest secessionist conflicts in Asia.  A civil erupted in the state, with Tamils declaring their own idependent state. The government has limited LTTE to small area and have given the deadline to their chief to sureender. World Organisations like EU, UN and many nations have called upon the prabhakaran to surrender. The authorities have already made their plan of launching a major offensive strike to oust the leader, which might result in the loss of many lives.

However, there is one more twist in the whole story, the free buzz. The bandh or strike is believed to be a political gimmick to rally the support of the people in the wake of coming elections. That is why we sometimes consider the political leaders as the most adroit in creating a buzz, even surpassing the feats of the celebrities.