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April 22, 2009

Are you interested in making your own dynamic website with Web 2.0 features in just 15 minutes? If you are, then find out how.

WordPress Blog and WP website are built upon the same software framework, provided by the WordPress. The good thing about WordPress (WP) is that it is an Open Source development software that anyone can download for free. It is one of the most popularly used Open Source software, beating its rivals like Joomla and Drupal by a fair margin.



Below are listed 10 best features that makes WordPress the first choice for developers as well as newbies:

  • It is entirely free.
  • WordPress is easy to install and customize.
  • WordPress is exemplary in the integration of html and php components.
  • You can build dynamic websites with Web 2.0 features, quite easily in WordPress.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly. Newbies may find certain elements like keywords and descriptions missing in the default template, but those can be provided while customizing the WP website.
  • WordPress gives you some of the best themes, customized to meet your requirements. This means you can get rid of the designing part.
  • Its architecture is very simple allowing search engine bots to easily crawl it.
  • There are hundreds of plugins that can be incorporated in your WP site to extend its features.
  • The software is easy to download and easy to install (takes just few minutes).
  • The stable version of WordPress has almost no bugs. On the other hand, if you start from a scratch, it will take months to get rid of the bugs in the site.

Having said about the wonderful features of WordPress let us talk about some basic differences between WordPress Blog (WP Blog) and WordPress Website (WP site).

Newbies often get confused as they tend to mix up the functionalities and features of WP Blog and WP site. For their assistance, I have listed down some of the basic differences between the two. They are:

  • In WordPress Blog (hosted on WordPress servers e.g., buzzinthetown.wordpress.com), you cannot make changes or edit the stylesheet of theme without buying credits. Though you can apply different themes. Contrary to this, if you have WordPress site hosted on any server with access to your hosting account, you can make edits in the stylesheet and themes.
  • In WordPress Blog, the dashboard in the upper left hand corner gives you features like Blog stats, Blog Surfer, My Comments and some more. In WordPress site, you do not get these features. To know the traffic on your site and other Blog stats, you have to install plugins. The best way to do is integrate Google Analytics or Sitemeter with your WP site.
  • WordPress Blog, since it is hosted on the WP servers does not need you to configure your blog. In WP site, you need php support and a mysql database that is created on your web hosting account. All your post and page content as well other information is saved in the database.

That is all for now, we will get to know more about features in the upcoming posts.