America’s Funniest Animals Are Viral Marketers

April 18, 2009

Can you believe it – Americas funniest animals are searched more than American celebrities! The proposition is all good for Internet marketers, who believe in alternative marketing methods. The campaigns are more popular in the industry as garbage or viral marketing. It is simple, put some hilarious pictures in a mail and send it across to your friends with your intended message on the mail. If it is good, it will surely travel half of the world, from one email address to other, from one IP to other.

World's Funniest Animals

World's Funniest Animals

The prestigious award for Americas Funniest Animals goes to “Cats”. Yes, that is right. There are so many websites, blogs and emails that host the funniest pictures of the cats. Not only this, you may catch them in action on Youtube as well.

Some of the funniest animals of American have been given in the below picture. These poor creatures may not have a special place in Hollywood or entertainment industry, but they are famous celebrities in the cyber world.

There are a number of websites that feature hilarious pictures of animals and other themes. Some of the pictures are genuine and unedited, however many pictures that reach you by mail are edited by the designers and then spread by the marketers.

Their second home is Youtube, which has hundreds of videos posted as funniest animals, funny animal videos, funny animal compilation, etc. The famous show on Animal Planet channel called Planets Funniest Animals did endorse these poor creatures. But they are mostly ignored and live anonymous life, except when you open your friend’s forwarded mail and beat the table at the office. Good Buzz for these respected souls.