Call for Bandh in Tamil Nadu

April 22, 2009

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Indian state, has called for a bandh (observe a general strike) tomorrow, as a protest against repressive measures adopted by Sri Lankan authorities. CM Karunanidhi has been severely criticised for speaking in support of the dreaded terrorist organisation, LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam).

Karuninidhi issued a notice to the Central Government of India to put pressure on the Lankan government for calling a permenant ceasefire. It might be worth mentioning that LTTE is the same outfit that was found responsible for the assisination plot that led to the surmise of former PM, Rajiv Gandhi.

As per official figures more than 30,000 civilians are still trapped in the war zone and the Lankan government has given a deadline for LTTE supremo Prabhakaran. The violence in the nation has already led to great loss of life and property.

LTTE was founded some 32 years ago in 1976 and has been engaged in  one of the longest secessionist conflicts in Asia.  A civil erupted in the state, with Tamils declaring their own idependent state. The government has limited LTTE to small area and have given the deadline to their chief to sureender. World Organisations like EU, UN and many nations have called upon the prabhakaran to surrender. The authorities have already made their plan of launching a major offensive strike to oust the leader, which might result in the loss of many lives.

However, there is one more twist in the whole story, the free buzz. The bandh or strike is believed to be a political gimmick to rally the support of the people in the wake of coming elections. That is why we sometimes consider the political leaders as the most adroit in creating a buzz, even surpassing the feats of the celebrities.

Katmai Sinking, Watch it Live

April 22, 2009

In the early hours of October 22, last year, Katmai vessel went missing. The 92 feet long boat for catching cod fish sailed with 11 crew members. The boat belonged to the Katmai Fisheries, based in Seattle, Washington. On October 22, APRN (Alska Public Radio Network) reported that the vessel was missing in the Bering Sea. The sea lies in the Pacific Ocean, bordered by Alaska, Siberia and Kamchatka Peninsula.

Katmai Vessel

Katmai Vessel

APRN reported that the vessel went missing in the Amchitka pass and that Coast received no mayday calls except EPIRB signals at about 1.00am. A C-130 plan and a Jayhawk helicopter went searching for the missing vessel. six hours later. After 6 more hours they reepoted of having found a part of the raft and a body wearing survival suit. Tow rafts were dropped and four members from the crew were rescued.

Imagine a place, all deserted with water temperature about 3 degree celsius and waves travelling at the speed of 34 miles per hour. We have an intersting point in question, the safety of the crew members, of the people who work for Katmai fisheries and similar companies, the obliterated facts and cursory inspections.

The unfortunate event of Katmai vessel is not the only one that ever happened. Every year many people have to put on the fight with the fierce sea, with little safety measures and obsolete equipments. It is not just the headache of the Coast Guard as many lives, many families depend on it. Should these poor people be ignored and left to die, battling with sea storms. No.  So what is the state going to do about it? Nothing, I guess. Who’s going to bring the sad news to their families, look after them? No idea.

May be the Discovery’s  Deadliest Catch gives us some insights of the life on the boat and its crew members. The irony is that people better understand when they see it live. Tell them the story and it has little effect.

Despite the developed infrastructure and faculties to minimise such accidents, there has been no serious effort made by any institution so far. The best they do is send a team on inspection and sometimes rely on the reports send by the company experts themselves. That is totally unfair. If the state government can’t do anything about it, we implore the non-government organisations to look into the matter and probe such disasters.

Craiglist Killer Arrested in Boston

April 21, 2009

With the arrest of Phil Markoff, investigations regarding the hotel shoot out and Craiglist killer have taken a new turn. Phil Markoff, aged 22, was arrested in Warpole Boston. She is a medical student and was supposed to get married to her fiancee Megan McAllister.

Phil Markoff has been charged of murdering the 26 years old Julissa Brisman who was shot dead at the Marriott Copley Hotel on Tuesday in Boston. Phil Markoff has been described as a “Predator” and hunting down sex workers.

Earlier police had released the video tapes of the surveillance cameras, which showed Phil Markoff as one of the possible suspects. There were more than hundred leads and the latest led to the arrest of the accused.

Julissa Brisman

Julissa Brisman

Julissa Brisman, an aspiring model, offered massage services (sensual)  and the ad was posted on the Craiglist. Police suspect that Phil Markoff selected her victims from the Craiglist Posts itself. In a report released earlier, police said that there have been at least three such attacks in a week and the one at Copley Hotel resulted in the homicide.

There are no report as of now as whether there was any other accomplice involved in the felony.

Who is Green River Killer?

April 16, 2009

On November 05, 2003, Gary Leon Ridgway aka “Green River Killer” pleaded guilty of murdering 48 women, between the years 1982 to 1998. The man was arrested in 2001 and in a statement described killing as his career. One more sad story in American history!


Gary Ridgway

Born in 1949, Ridgway worked for most of his life as a painter. People who know him describe him as active, social and content with his life. He used to read Bible while at work, visited his son Mathew (by second wife) once in a week, was funny, but a little different. He was found involved with prostitutes from an early age. Some colleagues do recall of the instances when the Green River Killer would tell them filthy jokes and fix them up with prostitutes.

Ridgway was arrested while trying to pickup a decoy prostitute, working for the sheriff’s department. He was arrested in 2001 and sentenced to 90 days jail. Within weeks of his arrest, investigations took a new turn and gathered new evidence that found him guilty of murdering four women. The Green River Killer was in the suspicion list for long time. In 1985 he passed the lie detector test and the police gave him clean chit, following the lack of evidence.

The 48 victims he pleaded guilty of killing were: Wendy Lee Coffield, Gisele Ann Lovvorn, Debra Lynn Bonner, Marcia Fay Chapman, Opal Charmaine Mills, Terry Rene Milligan, Mary Bridget Meehan, Debra Lorraine Estes, Linda Jane Rule, Denise Darcel Bush, Shawnda Leea Summers, Shirley Marie Sherrill, Colleen Renee Brockman, Alma Ann Smith, Delores LaVerne Williams, Gail Lynn Mathews, Andrea M. Childers, Sandra Kay Gabbert, Kimi-Kai Pitsor, Marie M. Malvar, Carol Ann Christensen, Martina Theresa Authorlee, Cheryl Lee Wims, Yvonne Shelly Antosh, Carrie A. Rois, Constance Elizabeth Naon, Kelly Marie Ware, Tina Marie Thompson, April Dawn Buttram, Debbie May Abernathy, Tracy Ann Winston, Maureen Sue Feeney, Mary Sue Bello, Pammy Avent, Delise Louise Plager, Kimberly L. Nelson, Lisa Yates, Mary Exzetta West, Cindy Anne Smith, Patricia Michelle Barczak, Roberta Joseph Hayes, Marta Reeves, Patricia Yellowrobe and four other unidentified women.

The buzz in the town is that Jeff Jensen, whose father Tom Jensen spend 20 years hunting down the Green River Killer, is going to release a graphic novel about the serial killer. The Seattle Times reported that Jensen Jr. talked over his phone and said, “There have been a lot of books written about the Green River killer, and I wanted this to be a little special.” So let us wait and see how things will be put by Mr. Jensen.