Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo’s Baby

April 20, 2009

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo, who plays the title role in TV drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, is pregnant and expecting a baby. Married to Chris Ivery, known music producer, the duo have confirmed about the expected baby. The two of them got married in November 2007, of course not in a pompous manner, and have been keeping a low profile to avoid public attention. They tied up the knot at the Manhattan City Hall.

ellen-pompeo-chris-iveryChris Ivery and Ellen Popeo dated for four years before tying the knots. The glow on Ellen’s face is quite visible, but we are not sure if Grey’s Anatomy has any chapter on pre-natal complications. Rest assured, there is nothing yet in the scripts.

But that is not what the audience is interested in. It is a kind of respect the couple has earned over the last few years. They have been involved, committed and out of trouble so far. The interesting thing is that they seem to loving it, enjoying it, which is unusual in case of our celebrities.

If you are a keen movie watcher, you might have seen the movie “Role Models.” The movie is about how we ought to be happy and respect other people’s feelings, what they do, what they enjoy. I am sure many young fans are watching them with a keen eye and it is really good that they are living quite a happy life.