Miss USA, Kristen Dalton

April 20, 2009

Kristen Jeannine Dalton, the 22 years old blonde from North Carolina was crowned Miss USA, after forefending 50 of her rival beauty queens. That is kinda silver bullet, not buckshot.

large_miss-usa-kristen-dalta-north-carolinaDaltons have a history, legacy actually, and an interesting one. The parent, Jeannie Boger was crowned Miss North Carolina USA in 1982, Kristen’s sister, Julia Dalton was crowned Miss North Carolina Teen and now Kristen has added the feather by representing the Miss USA. Wow, that is what Family career counselling brings.

We also have some other beauty queens, the number two and number three – Carrie Prejean (Miss Carolina) and Alicia Monique Blanco. The 58th Annual Miss USA pageant was broadcasted live from Las Vegas.

The competition was really tough, two tests that describe the kind of you – swimsuit appearance and the appearance in the gown. I am sure that is something people can hardly do, Herculean task. And as my friends will be waiting for the news…wait…prank is that what you call a satire…ok. There was lot of skin, now what. The title has been won in the past three years by Crystle Stewart in 2008 (Miss Texas), Rachel Smith in 2007 (Miss Tennessee), Tara Conner in 2006 (Miss Kentucky).

The websites and new media also spoke of her motivation speaking skills. Sorry for the Bush, she came late otherwise she would have motivated the dejected soldiers to conquer the whole world. I hope Mr. Republican won’t mind the words after all it is a democratic society we are living in.

I think we a re losing our focus…where were we…yes, Skin. Unfortunately, the misses have been missing the Miss Universe title since 1997, which was the list time that American beauty took home the title.